PayPal Credit Card


For some reason, finding all the terms and conditions for the PayPal Credit Card was like looking for a needle in a haystack. Either way, we have found them and have made sure to offer the information here for you. Now, the PayPal Credit Card or PayPal Extras MasterCard as its more popularly know, is actually a pretty nifty card to have around if you are someone who uses PayPal to do a lot of transactions with business, family or friends. You are able to gain points within their system by using their card wherever the MasterCard is also accepted. Afterwards, those points are then used towards future purchases and transactions you may perform using PayPal. Why would anyone want to continue using their ordinary PayPal Credit Card when there is now something better in the PayPal Extras MasterCard?

Each person of course has their own needs and preferences of course. And with the PayPal Credit Card you can set yourself up to really rack up some rewards that will be able to meet a lot of your needs that maybe you didn't even realize they would help you with. The only thing with the PayPal Credit Card that could be a disappointment is that they don't offer this card to anyone except U.S. citizens. With their service being such that PayPal is known and used around the world, one would think that their PayPal Credit Card would not have such a limit on it and would be available everywhere.

Hopefully someday their PayPal Credit Card will reach a status where it would be available in all the countries at least that actually heavily use their online services. The rewards points that you get with the PayPal Credit Card are great because you get three points for every dollar spent on gasoline and restaurants. They offer two points for every dollar spent using PayPal or eBay, and one point for every dollar spent on any other purchases using your card as a MasterCard. Another great thing with the PayPal Credit Card is that there is no annual fee with using their service. Most cards of this kind are at least charging an annual fee but the PayPal Credit Card has none.

The way that you check on your PayPal Credit Card is easy because you will just login to your PayPal account as usual and be able to check your account status that way as well. This is also the same way you will check your monthly billing statement which is very green in that they are saving trees by not printing on paper to mail a bunch of billing statements out. As we mentioned before, everyone has their own needs. Even though the PayPal Credit Card does seem to offer a lot to those who will give look over their information, it doesn't mean that it will meet the needs of every person. This is why you should now make your own decision on whether to get the PayPal Credit Card by checking out the information for yourself to see whether it will meet your needs.